Pharmacogenetic Testing, Clinical Lab & Medical Services

AiBioTech Personalized Medicine Panel

AiBioTech Personalized Medicine Panel - This pharmacogenetic test identifies patients’ metabolic profiles to give prescribers more information when choosing drug therapy options for their patients.

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Hypertension Diagnostics CVProfilor

Hypertension Diagnostics CVProfilor - An easy-to-use, non-invasive system designed to provide physicians with a means for assessing a patient’s vascular health and arterial elasticity.

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SMA Blood Lab Services

SMA Blood Lab Services - For lab tests, SMA provides specimen collection supplies, transportation, fast turnaround and comprehensive reports that are informative and easy to read.

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AllerAlt Testing and Immunodrops

AllerAlt Allergy Drops and Testing - The simple and convenient way to relieve allergies and asthma. AllerAlt's allergy drops are an effective alternative to allergy shots, allergy pills, and inhalers.

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We are committed to providing Arizona doctors, clinics and patients with the most effective and reasonably priced clinical lab services, medical testing & allergy relief solutions. Among the many advantages of chosing these recommended laboratory, testing and allergy solutions are their high quality and commitment to patient care, but it is our remarkable service that makes the difference. Our sensitivity to your practice's needs and our ability to provide a personal touch that caters to you and your practice goes beyond the act of chosing products and services to chosing an exceptional business relationship. If you have any questions about how pharmacogenetic testing, arterial elasticity testing, SMA Medical Lab or AllerAlt allergy drops can help your patients and practice, please don't hesitate to call Kimber Johnson at 480-217-7391.